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Updated: Mar 9, 2019

Hey Top Speed Hockey campers and parents! Over this winter break, while our athletes were hard at work on the ice, Top Speed Hockey was hard at work in the office. We now have a new site where players and parents can easily access camp information, news updates and so much more! Take a look at what our new site as to offer!


Our blog is now going to be a place where players and parents can receive news, advice, tips, and upcoming camp information! Keep an eye out for our new blog posts! We have some exciting new material on the way that will keep everyone up to date!

Camp Registration:

This is our most exciting new feature! For every new camp, players and parents can register on this site. Once paid and registered, you will receive a ticket that shows your purchase for the camp by email. You then can bring this ticket via smart phone or on print paper for registration day and we can have you registered with a simple click of a button on our end! This means that our first day of camp will go a lot smoother, and we can focus more on the hockey and less on the paper work!


With our new media section, parents and players can see pictures, videos, and updates for each and every camp! Curious about what a certain camp is like? You can go to our media page and get a sneak peak of how it all works out, and see what the previous camps looked like.

Private Lessons:

Our new website now allows players who are looking for personalized on and off-ice training programs, to contact Top Speed Hockey a whole lot easier. Now, all they have to do is go to our "Private Lessons" page and fill out the form that is presented. Lucas Frey will then contact you directly about training programs and ices times.

Keep an eye out for even more updates! We are excited for this new tool and are looking forward to being able to provide more updates and information for our athletes!

Hope to see you all soon at our Summer Camp in July!

- Top Speed hockey

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