Our Mission

 To provide each athlete with the opportunity to reach their full potential by:

Our Mission

  • Creating a platform for our athletes to learn and perform at their best. 

  • Constantly encouraging and pushing our players , with maximum feedback.

  • Providing players with on and off-ice knowledge that will help them advance to the next level. 


Our Vision

At Top Speed Hockey, we are constantly learning and striving for success, just like our athletes are. It is the unpredictability that makes the game of hockey so fun and challenging. Our vision during skills sessions is to prepare players in a way so that they have the skill set to achieve obstacles in a game. We design our practices to overload players motor skills, by challenging them with 3-4 task that apply the same pressure as a game.

Our Vision

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Meet The Team


Lucas Frey: Owner & Head Player Development Coach

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Kaitlyn Tougas: Player Development Coach and Head Female Director

Kaitlyn grew up in Thunder Bay, Ontario, where she like many of her friends and family, played hockey. Kaitlyn played alongside boys until she joined the Thunder Bay Queens for 5 seasons, winning the Esso Cup Nationals in 2010 and a silver in 2012.


Kaitlyn went on to play college hockey in the NCAA, for the Bemidji State Beavers in the WCHA. She was part of the All-Academic team and graduated with a Bachelor of Science, Majoring in Exercise Science and double minoring in Fitness and Leadership Promotion, and Medical Fitness.


After graduating in 2016, Kaitlyn continued her playing career as a professional, being drafted into the CWHL to the Brampton Thunder. After 1 season, Kaitlyn made the jump overseas to Sweden, and since has played 3 seasons in the SDHL. This past year, Kaitlyn played for KRS Vanke Rays in the Women’s Russian League.


Kaitlyn has now signed back in the SDHL with MoDo Hockey for the 2021-2022 Season, and is working as a Skills Coach with Top Speed Hockey.

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Brent Chaves: Nutrition &

Wellness  Consultant

Brent was born and raised in New Bedford, Massachusetts. His background

in hockey started at a young age with youth hockey and continued on into juniors.


One thing that never changed throughout Brent’s career was his passion for

nutrition. Brent has been involved in fitness for over a decade. Since transitioning from hockey, Brent found a passion for bodybuilding. His hard work, dedication, and competitive nature earned him his IFBB Pro card.

Brent has developed a strong passion for nutrition and learning how to fuel

the body with proper diet and supplementation. He continues to learn while studying nutrition to gain more knowledge and build upon his experience in the field. His precise approach with each individual will help athletes perform better on and off the ice.

Lucas was born in New Bedford Massachusetts, and grew up playing hockey around the Boston area. He played 4 years of high school hockey then at the age of 17 moved into the junior hockey league. Lucas played his first professional hockey game at the age of 20 when he joined Louisiana Ice Gators. Throughout his career he played in several different cities and countries, including New Zealand and Sweden. After a career ending injury, Lucas made the switch from player to coach, being part of 3 clubs in Sweden. His passion for the game lead him into player development and his focus on individual skill training.

Lucas created Top Speed Hockey in 2016 and since has become an international skills company, working with players in Sweden, players in Europe and USA. The philosophy of Lucas' training is to create game like situations, as unpredictable as he can. It is the unpredictability of the game that makes it so fun. You can practice until nearly perfect, but you never know what the game will throw at you. During skill training with Top Speed Hockey, we break down specific movements into the details. What edge of you blade you should use, how the placement of your hands affect the movements of the puck, shoulder rotations, and so forth. The goal is to target every individual players needs, give them the education and tools they need to be successful and excel! 

Top Speed Hockey builds training on ice by using skill tracks; skating and edge focused, stick-handling focus, etc. We also break down drills into zones, making game like situations by creating defensive, offensive and neutral situations. Giving 3-4 task so that the player is overloaded with motor skills, the hands, the feet, and the brain work under extreme pressure, and this stimulates what the player may feel during a game.  Our promise to players is to keep the groups on ice small, to give the maximum feedback. Each player learns differently, each players needs a different focus, it is our job as coaches to find the details in each individual that needs to be looked at.

Off the ice, Lucas works as a player advisor. Top Speed Hockey values player first mindset, trust and communication between the advisor and player. We provide off-ice training programs, nutrition advice, mental coaching, goal- setting, and help guide players into the career path they wish to strive for.