Our Mission

 To provide each athlete with the opportunity to reach their full potential by:

Our Mission

  1. Creating a platform for our athletes to learn and perform at their best. 

  2. Constantly encouraging and pushing our players to go outside their comfort zone

  3. Providing players with on and off-ice knowledge that will help them advance the next level. 


Our Vision

At Top Speed Hockey, we are constantly learning and striving for success, just like our athletes are. We want to keep giving back to the hockey community by creating a place where athletes can feel comfortable to make mistakes, learn, and grow. Our vision is to provide knowledge and learning opportunities to as many athletes as possible. We challenge ourselves to keep learning and growing, so that we can provide even more for our athletes 

Our Vision

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Meet The Team


Lucas Frey: Owner & Head Player Development Coach

Brent Chaves: Nutrition &

Wellness  Consultant

Brent was born and raised in New Bedford, Massachusetts. His background

in hockey started at a young age with youth hockey and continued on into juniors.


One thing that never changed throughout Brent’s career was his passion for

nutrition. Brent has been involved in fitness for over a decade. Since transitioning from hockey, Brent found a passion for bodybuilding. His hard work, dedication, and competitive nature earned him his IFBB Pro card.

Brent has developed a strong passion for nutrition and learning how to fuel

the body with proper diet and supplementation. He continues to learn while studying nutrition to gain more knowledge and build upon his experience in the field. His precise approach with each individual will help athletes perform better on and off the ice.


Dan Bogdan: Player Development Coach

Dan is a native of Springfield, Massachusetts and currently working in Alaska as the Associate Head Coach and Director of Player Personnel for the Kenai River Brown Bears of the North American Hockey League.


Prior to going to Kenai, Dan served as an Assistant Coach at Northfield Mount Hermon, and served the On Ice Strength and Conditioning/Skill Development position at the University of Connecticut.


Prior to coaching, Dan played his collegiate hockey at Framingham State, a Division 3 school located just outside of Boston where he earned his

Bachelor's degree in Business Administration.

Lucas was born in New Bedford Massachusetts, and grew up playing hockey around the Boston area. He played 4 years of high school hockey then at the age of 17 moved into the junior hockey league. Lucas played his first professional hockey game at the age of 20 when he joined Louisiana Ice Gators. Throughout his career he played in several different cities and countries.


At 27, Lucas stopped his playing career due to injuries. He then took his first coaching position with HC Dalen j20 in Sweden. The last two seasons Lucas has been the head coach for HV71dam in Jonkoping. During his time at HV71 Lucas has been a part of the skills and player development for j18 and j20 on ice.



Lucas created Top Speed Hockey 5 years ago and has been focusing on player development in all areas of the game. Lucas has had camps and private lessons in both USA and Sweden. Top Speed Hockey is now sponsored by True Hockey as it has been growing so much and so quickly. Top Speed Hockey is now Lucas’s main focus and career goal.

Lucas works very hard with individual players to help them improve. This includes skating techniques, shooting technique, stickhandling and using video analysis. His biggest strength is the ability to assess small details within each player and be able to help them grow in the game by targeting each skill.